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Holly Warren is a teacher trainer, workshop leader and international retreat facilitator. She was a Course Leader with one of the largest teacher training schools in Europe (Yoga London) and has over 1600hrs teacher training experience. 


As a life long student of Yoga, her ability to convey movement dialogue in an accessible and intelligent way comes from her eclectic background. Initially training with the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and at The Place, she had an eight year professional contemporary dance career, worked as tutor on three month residential leadership training programs and led four day breath and meditation workshops. She is also trained in Restorative, i-Rest Yoga Nidra and NeuroLinguistic Programming.


A creative facilitator with twelve years teaching experience, Holly’s teaching focuses on awareness and movement of breath. Developing healthy body mechanics, mental attention and restoration through a slow flow. Having had the pleasure of learning with Yoga Master Sri OP Tiwari, Director of Kaivalyadhama, Paul Dallaghan and Adyashanti she recently undertook the Mindfulness Meditation facilitation program with the Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist Michael Stone, which she is now incorporating in her teaching. 

She wants to thank her parents for their love and support, as well as the early introduction to the ethics and pillars of Yoga.

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